COMMITTEE ACTIVITY REPORT 180312 For Classes and Schedule
(Committee Members: Kimberly, Holly, and Kat
"I would like to thank you ladies for all your hard work in making this merger & our future happen" SP

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From: Kimberly LOVE
Date:03/12/2018 1:24 AM (GMT-08:00)
To: Saint Pierre , Holly Roberts
Subject: DRAFT: Schedule of Classes

Hi Saint Pierre -

Holly and I met on Saturday night and accomplished a lot on our grant efforts. We're going to work on finalizing our first submission to the SURDNA Foundation by the end of the week.  It's a perfect grant for us, so will keep you updated.

We also worked on a draft schedule that Kat put together, and noticed some some areas for greater impact. (We have kids interested in more technical learning in both film and music, so wanted to make sure the schedule reflected that.) So, I had another call with Kat this morning and we talked through things and she gave me some great ideas - she suggested I reach out to Ryan Del Nero to mentor the kids in film production.  I emailed him tonight, so will let you know his response.  We also talked about the first collaborative film project the group could work on after they complete CAPS classes - a music video of Evelyn's song if she's okay with that.  Since the material is already written, it would streamline things a bit so the kids could work together to produce/shoot a music video as their first project.  Then individual film/video projects would follow. 

With that said, I'm attaching a DRAFT to review/discuss with you soon. None of the dates are set in stone (except CAPS training).  We may in fact need to pare down some of the theatre arts classes to make enough room for the film/production classes. Holly and I laid this out on a calendar to better visualize, and we would like to try to follow Kat's formula from last fall and offer 2 classes/week if possible. There will be exceptions of course for Easter Sunday (no class 4/1) and Memorial Weekend (no class 5/27), or weeks where we have performances (May 5 and May 29), so those weeks will only have one class -- and also where there is a film shoot or TV studio production class scheduled over the weekends.  And, once the schedule is firm, the field trips could get slotted in as well.

I've noted some budget info in red italics as a rough guide as well. Wondering if any of the classes could be held at Studio 218 or outside Studio 218 now that it will be light out a bit later to save costs there.  Looking forward to discussing!

- Kimberly