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5pm The business portion has a total of 9 agenda items

6pm is scheduled for "The Evelyn Clerou" Kid Interview.

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Review Fri. June 23 Agenda

Agenda Board Of Directors Meeting

Friday June 23, 2017 at 5pm


1) APPROVAL MINUTES LAST MEETING June 26, 2017: Director via distributes via web site link (effective 6/20/17) & hard copies at meeting for board for review. Approval signature needed by J. Beam, interim secretary.

2) ADHOC COMMITTEE FORMATION FOR STUDENT AWARDS & VOTING: The committee members will consist of Mark Stone, Wilma Stone, Bernice Diaz, Kytriena Payseno, and Merridee McBride. Tonight’s vote will allow for voting tonight (6/23/17) for Nominee Evelyn Clerou for student scholarship decision.

3) FINANCIAL REPORT TO DATE 2017: Income & Expense to board members for review. Approval signature needed by CFO D. Elliott/ CFO. ( see addendum


b) EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST: (see addendum 1- Board Approval needed_

c) BUS. ENTERTAINMENT REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTS: (addendum 1- Delayed from last 2 meetings. (need board approval)

d) JOHN SANDERS KS OK TRIP EXPENSES: (see addendum Reimbursement to Director ( charged on personal credit card pending MAAFY having sufficient funds. Dubai trip is scheduled on June 26, 2017 J. Sanders donation forthcoming.

e) EDISON APPROVED OUR REIMBUSEMENT FOR AMPLIFIER ELECTRICAL OUTAGE WINCHESTERS: the check was deposited in MAAFY checking account in the amount of $214.80

4) FUND RAISING EVENTS & STUDENT WORKSHOPS: June through December 2017 ::: Need help at all events, please give a firm commitment on your calendar

a) Jimmy Slice Family Fundraiser (Marie Shannon Venue) across Ventura Majestic Theater Sunday July 16, 2017 Noon- 6pm

b) Farmers Market Downtown Ventura: TWO Shows Scheduled: Saturday Mornings 7/22/17 & August 12, 2017 8am- noon)

c) Winchesters On Main Fundraiser: Tuesday November 28, 2017 fundraiser show Tuesday November 28, 2017 11am- 10pm

e) Secret Garden Show: to be scheduled with owner Gloria.

f) WAV Community Kids & Family Song Writers WEEKEND Workshops: being scheduled in WAV Theater Gallery on available dates Saturday & Sunday noon- 4pm July 8-9 or July 29-30.

g) WAV Community Kids Art & Family Workshops: being scheduled in WAV Theater Gallery on available dates Saturday & Sunday noon- 4pm July 8-9 or July 29-30.


a) LUCY JANE STUDENT: She participated doing art projects on May 27- 28 (2 day weekend WAV workshops with Vonder Gray Pro Artist. Lucy collaborated on 8 art works & completed her MAAFY surfboard art work. She attended to escort Miranda at WAV & Bell Arts on June 2nd First Friday Lucy had a big part on doing art work on June 17, 2017at DaDa reception at WAV. She spent 3 hours with MAAFY students & new nominee girls: Jane, her kid guest artist from Henderson NV, Miranda Romero, Evelyn Clerou (nominee), Olivia (guest art kid considering nomination). Lucy submitted 8 new art works for framing. MAAFY purchase a 3 foot x 3 foot framed stretched canvas for her next assignment. Lucy completed new music art video clips on First Friday with Miaranda.

b) MIRANDA ROMERO STUDENT: Assignment One was completed by Friday June 16th comprised of 6 advanced lessons. Miranda participated on First Friday June 2 to tour WAV DaDa exhibit, where she tried her hand on the Dulcimer instrument with Diane Ippel WAV artist, She was in Lucy’s music video clip at WAV. Lucy & Stephanie mon gave Miranda her first tour of Bell Arts. On Friday June 16 3pm- 10pm, Miranda had an intense private workshop at WAV Studio 218, where she chose 2 song arrangements for three upcoming shows that she is scheduled to perform 7/16/17, 7/22/17, and 8/12/17. Her future husband, Ole, works at Michael’s Art Supplies in Ventura. He auditioned Miranda’s singing for the first time on 6/16/17. Miranda participate by creating visual art works at the WAV 6/17/17 workshop 5- 8pm. At Studio 218 afterward she rehearsed her 2 songs for 2 hours till 10pm, and auditioned Evelyn Clerou nominee’s original new song that night. Miranda spent lots of time with Evely & all the art girls at the request of director. Director gave Miranda a complex Assignment Two with approximately 7 Music CDs and encompassing several advanced lessons. The Assignment Two is due in July at students own progress pace.

c) EVELYN CLEROU NOMINEE INTERVIEW TONIGHT: Evelyn has already participated in the Saturday June 17th WAV art workshop in Theater Gallery. She performed her original song at 8pm in Studio 218. She has been schedules for perform & do her art forms in three shows in July & August. Her parents were present with her several hours 6/17. Evely is a multi talented as Make Up artist, Theatrical, Dance Arts, Musical Instrument Ukelele, Singer Songwriter, and visual arts sketch & painting potential. She and her two parents reside in Ojai. Her nomination came through MAAFY contact instructor, Katriena Payseno.

d) JANE HENDERSON NV POTENTIAL NOMINEE: Jane was introduced to our scholarship program by Lucy Jane & Stephanie, as a visiting guest. Jane was given our nomination card for interest consideration. She completed an amazing visual art work on our 7/17 workshop with the other art girls 5pm-8pm. The art work will be framed by MAAFY estimating 19 x 17 size. Her interest in Nevada would contribute to MAAFY National expansion with our scholarship program. Jane is an amazing 14 year old artist potentially bordering "pro".

e) LILY BRUCE CURRENTLY AWARDED SCHOLARSHIP: Parental agreement was not signed due to their potential move to Santa Barbara to open a new church, and travel commitments this summer to Seattle & Oregon. The family & student were unable to keep initial student dates listed on the agreement. Lily is 12 years old with potential development in her Scholarship Award for Music, Singer Songwriting, Performance & Visual Arts painting. Director to schedule a Seabridge meeting with the parents, student, and one other board member present. Our plan is to gauge student & parental

interest after they complete their move form Seabridge Oxnard to Santa Barbara in the fall 2017. We will deliver Lily’s framed scholarship award at the appointment.

f) LEXI B AWARD SCHOLASHIP STUDENT: Update from Jim Beam. Director will meet with Ashly (mom) at her employment hair salon in West side Von’s center on West Main. We intend to deliver the framed award to student & parents shortly. Lexi is 11 years old with a great potential talent for visual art sketch & charcoal. She is 11 years old. The family’s nomination interest original came through Lucy Jane & Stephanie (mom). Lexi, her older brother & sister, and parents live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Lucy Janes complex on Cedar Street. The parents have been identified as having spousal difficulties affecting their daughter’s involvement.

g) SASHA (ALEXANDRA) & LEEZA TWO STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: they both sisters have been awarded help in our program with the bi- monthly purchase of $200 professional point shoes for their Dance arts. They are currently attending the "Perm State Ballet School" in Russia. It’s an 8 year dance arts program. Both girls will visit WAV Studio 218 on First Friday July 7, 2017 at 6pm. They fly back to USA on June 25th with their Dad, Sergei, that is returning from a Paris, France dance production.

LEEZA D will be offered a visual arts sketch & painting scholarship for this summer with art supplies & material should she have the time & interest. I spoke to mom, Marina. Both girls have a busy USA working vacation with a UCSB July production & rehearsals finishing July 21st. They then are scheduled with Los Angeles celebrity artists, workshops conducted by Dance Art Celebrity. Marina (mom) has a limited number of donated tickets to the Santa Barbara July 21 Production. Let me know your interest. Sasha has just turned 14 years old. Leeza is 16 years old.

h) OLIVIA INTEREST POTENTIAL NOMINEE MUSIC & VISUAL ART: We met with her, and her parents at the WAV Theater Gallery on Saturday June 17, 2017 5pm- 8pm. Both parents and her younger brother were present. Mom is involved helping young children in the arts. Olivia is 14 years old and has won vocal choir competitions in San Luis Obispo. She participate on Saturday at Theater Gallery doing art works with our DaDa WAV students & nominees. She is determined to love doing the visual arts. The family was given our nomination information card on Saturday. Olivia was involved almost 3 hours. The family lives in Ventura.

i) ALEXANDRA 9 YEARS OLD (J.R. FORD NEIGHBOR FAMILY) POTENTIAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP: Director to follow up with J.R. Ford for Alexandra’s parent’s names & address for MAFFY letter offering scholarship interview base on art work sketched at Winchesters 20th Anniversary show on April 30, 2017

j) ANTONIO BARERA ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT: Director to check in on Antonio see if he’s still involved in art, check interest to be involved with July WAV art workshops. Director recommends that we give Antonia "Underwater Scene" 20" x 24" framed in high tech black foam as a MAAFY keepsake masterpiece.

7) THEATRICAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP OUTREACH UPDATE: Chris Huey initialized 8 theatrical student nominations (one was his daughter Evelyn Clerou). The nominations were mostly incomplete due to our new web site nomination form transition. The kids/ families have not yet followed through when I emailed them. Kytriena Payseno (instructor) has the entire phone & email list to follow up with remaining kids, as soon as summer school vacation hits (between June 12-18, 2017). She will call them all. Kytriena’s PRODUCTION with her Theater Company (proposal is pending) till we recruit theatrical kid students in the MAAFY program & get community involvement. I am recommending ongoing theatrical workshops at WAV IN THE FALL 2017 featuring Kytriena Payseno Theatrical Instructor. The weekend workshops will be held on Saturdays & Sundays Noon- 4pm on various weekends. The press releases, Facebook & E-mail marketing will announce the events in advance. The workshops will be OPEN to kids & parents involvement county wide. We will culminate the series with a gala theatrical MAAFY performance designed by Kytriena & her new kids theatrical company. I am awaiting dates from Kyriena to reserve the WAV Theater Gallery.

8) COMMUNITY CAPS TV EXPANSION: MAAFY purchased Modavi Video Editing Software for TV programs, music video, student art interviews, PR video clips for our supporting show venues & music bands. The annual non- profit CAPS membership is $75 annually. It includes digital camera training, full use of CAPS studio facilities, Computer MAC editing private suites, TV studio training to have the MAAFY kids design their shows, and CAPS Main Street parade recording involvement. Lucy has seven TV shows to broadcast presently. We have multipke PR short shows to publish, and several music videos. (approximately 21 shows read to go). The following nominees and students will be offered to start the CAPS training program: Lucy Jane, Miranda Romero, Evelyn Clerou (pending scholarship award). We will also offer TV involvement to Keytriena Payseno (instructor) to accomplish theatrical skits & short plays with the kids on Community TV. We need the one time $75 membership fee funding at this time. VOTE NEEDED TO PROCEED TODAY:

9) NEW BUSINESS FUTURE STUDIO 218 MAAFY REIMBURSEMENT: 2017 rent increase is $75. Approximately 495 sq. feet is utilized in front studio room for MAAFY purposes. This is a future consideration under guidance by CFO D. Elliott, and the other board members. Total WAV unit sq. fottage of Studio 218 is 965 sq. feet. Front studio MAAFY room. The MAAFY total monthly: $640.75 Total Rent Paid: $1170.00

Percentage Front Room: $594.00 MAAFY MonthlyPortion

Electric $50. Average: $ $28.00 MAAFY Approximate Portion

Annual Studio Insurance: $18.75 MAAFY Monthly Portion/ ($225.00 MAAFY Approximate annual Portion)

($400 annualy) NOTE: Included in Monthly WAV rent is Internet connection, water, trash, and hot water

10) EVELYN CLEROU STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP INTERVIEW: Portfolio / Audition/ Demonstration/ Interaction/ Discussions. Scheduled at 6pm


ADDENDUM 1. Section 3 b, c, d– Itemized Categories


AT&T regular phone $44.06 Chase Card 6584 statement period open/ close dates:5/4/17- 6/3/17

AT&T land line $7.93 5/28/17 statement billing date Chase Bus. Card 6584 statement period 5/28/17- 6/27/17

Monthly Authorized Total $51.99 DONE. REIMBURSED on June 9, 2017 via check to director

Milege Reimbursement $17.36 To Director, Period 5/12/17 through June 19, 2017

Monthly Authorized Milege Total $17.36 DONE. REIMBURSED on June 20, 2017 via check to director


Coalition Thrift store $5.38 5/27/17 Handyart 9 bottles Tempura paints/ 6oz. bottles Multi Color MAAFY Card 8606

SPARC Second Chance thrift store $37.63 5/27/17 Art Kit and Wooden Case 182pc by Art101 MAAFY Card 8606

Constant Contact $42.00 6/2/17 Monthly Marketing Service/ email/forms MAAFY Card 8606 (see bank statement)

MICHAELS expense $10.78 reimb ArtSupply Lucy Jane mom 6/3/17 Pencils Fund.+Pastels checkSNT #2551 6/21/17

City Of Ventura Annual Bus.License $21.00 6/8/17 mailed and paid by MAAFY check

UPS Store $20.01 6/9/17 Ship Art To John Sanders Foundation Geoff Pocock "Acending Woman" MAAFY Card 8606

Delicate Sales $75.08 6/12/17 Four rolls gaff tape (2blk/ 2orange) for shows MAAFY Card 8606

Jimmy Slice $25.21 6/15/17 DinnerMeeting/ music video (Lucy Jane & mom, Stephanie) see bus. Entertn Card 8606

Monthly Paid By MAAFY Acct 6192 Total $237.09 (need approval by board)


Harbor Freight $14.64 6/1/17 Bungee Cord Multi-pak for shows Card EL 4716 WF debit

Amazon $40.83 6/10/17 Sargent Art Cotton stretched Frame Canvas Lucy 3feet x 3feet Card 1432

Vons $5.06 6/20/17 Bottled water Arrowhead for MAAFY meetings Card 0173 Discvr

Monthly Supplies Reimbursement Request To Director Total $60.53 (need approval by board)

FOLLOWING ENTERTAINMENT REIMB WAS DELAYED TO THIS CURRENT MEETING at director’s request to maintain adequate bank account balance for Wells Fargo


Starbucks $5.25 3/18/17 Meeting Darrel Williamson Birthday discuss Board Member involvement Starb Cash Card

Canyon Club $92.98 4/1/17 Celeb Babys Music Review & CFO appreciation night out Amex 1003

Starbucks $5.00 5/16/17 Gift Card to M.Glass birthday gift from MAAFY Starb. Cash Card

NOTE: above receipts attached to Report & Meeting Minutes April 28, 2017,and June 26, 2017 due to reimbursement delay of low bank account funds. One receipt below is attached to current meeting minutes.

Jimmy Slice $7.99 6/15/17 Dinner (drinks portion) meeting/ music video (Lucy Jane & mom, Stephanie) Cards 0173

Reimbursement Request Entertainment Expenses Total $111.22 (need approval by board)


Farmers Market Morning Show $53.40 6/3/17 Downtown Ventura (First Show) DEP ckg acct 6/5/17

So.CA Edison Reimb Amp Repair (Instrumental Music/ Winchesters Elec Outage damage) $214.80 DEP Ckg Acct WF


DIRECTOR ART DONATION: Medium DaDa Acrylic on Framed Canvas/ black foam high tech framing/ measures 20" x 24" original art work estimated value $100 via donation



DEFERRED JOHN SANDERS KS OK TRIP EXPENSES (receipts in MAAFY folder drawerRedFldr) for future access

(-$2057.58) Total Charged To Trip John Sanders/ pending Director Reimbursement credit card charges


(-$823.15) Total Charged by Director In Outdoor Music Equipment (Battery Operated) to expand fundraisers, Pending Director Reimbursement credit card charges utilizing 6 mos. Deferred promotion


Amazon Kustom P.A. Battery Operated $215.49 5/22/17 Deferred 6mos. Card 1432

Amazon TC-Helicon Mechanic vocal fx pedal $148.83 5/28/17 Battery Operate Deferred 6mos. Card 1432, retd 6/6/17 defective (-$148.83) refunded

Amazon TC-Helicon Mechanics2 fx vocal pedal $158.97 5/30/17 Deferred 6mos. Card 1432

Amazon SKB pedalboard/ 6 Behringer fx pedals/ 2paks connectors $298.04 6/6/17 Deferred 6mos. Card 1432

Amazon Refund on 1 Behringer fx pedal (-$23.75) refunded 6/10/17 wrong model pedal sent

Zzounds music store Canyon fx Pedal $124.95 6/1/17 incompatible no battery op/ retd refunded (-$124.95) on 6/17/17 Card 0173 Discvr

UPS Store Zzounds shipping ret Canyon Pedal 6/12/17 shipping cost to NY $17.48 Card 0173 Discvr

Amazon 1 replcm Behringer fx pedal Ultra Vibrato $26.93 6/21/17 Deferred 6mos. Card 1432

Amazon Volto2 Pedaltrain Pwr Supply for outdoor shows $129.99 6/20/17

(-$2880.73) Current Deferred Debt