The 1st Annual


MEETING February 12, 2018 at 1pm at Harvest Café

NAME OF EVENT: We love the name! Even the name promotes the Harvest Café’s pursuit to new business, for new customers to try the menu and eat healthy food into future.

EVENT PARTNERS ::: HOSTS: This fundraiser event is a collaboration between Music And Art For Youth, Non- Profit 501 (c) (3), and the Harvest Café with owners Robert Glover and Rika.

FISCAL NON- PROFIT SPONSORSHIP: Music And Art For Youth= MAAFY acronym; will filter all donations via tax exempt; and provide a full precise audit within 72 hours at close of event.

FOOD STAFF: Robert is planning on a full restaurant staff during the event hours to be decided.

POSSIBLE HOURS: Saturday & Sunday 10am- 4pm, Noon- 6pm, or Noon- 4pm.

HARVEST SEASON was decided to be late September through October. Saint Pierre mentioned that City Of Ventura, Michelle Godoy, shared the 2017 calendar last year. October was clear of any event competition last year. It was decided that October normally brings excellent weather for outdoor events in Ventura. We will do our best NOT to compete with other citywide events. We’ll check the City Of Ventura calendar and select the best free date.

BOOTH OFFERINGS: Event related booths only. We discussed Small Farming via Robert. I recommended some Harvest Café vendors be involved since they would just love to support Harvest Café & the event. We still need to decide the cost of our event booth and mentioned past events ranged $25- $75; booth 100% proceeds will likely go to the Kids’ Cause. We spoke about some possible holistic related booths.

SPONSORS’ INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: I mentioned Jai Rhythm Yoga having an outdoor yoga presentation & involvement. Robert mentioned the 10am start time for the Yoga presentations. Saint Pierre mentioned that they are encouraged to sign up Yoga memberships for the duration of the event with a booth. Robert mentioned that the Yoga members will normally enjoy breakfast and lunch too with the 10am start time each day.

OUTDOOR YOGA CLASS: Robert mentioned early in the day at 10:30am on Saturday & Sunday.

PERMITS: We spoke of the Health Department requirements. Robert will speak with Agent Kristin Thrift and ask the health department: “How Can We Go About Doing This Event With Food”.

MEALS & FOOD SERVING: Need to decide how to easily purchase meals via Harvest Café. Do we take orders? We need permission to serve outside except in TO GO CONTAINERS, which may be able to be included in the plan. Robert mentioned a “WALK AROUND FOOD ORDER SYSTEM” possibly.

ABS ALCOHOL BOARD PERMIT: In our initial meeting, I mentioned that in the past, non- profits could purchase a $25 alcohol permit at the WAV, maximum 7 times annually. I believe a Saturday & Sunday event required only one permit for two days. The ABS needs to be contacted regarding the required alcohol containment zone, in which event attendees are able to purchase & drink alcohol. Saint Pierre’s past events were ABS approved when the Theater Gallery was closed or the outside plaza was contained with booth tables. JSCO has security requirements in their guidelines as well.

PROMOTION OF THE EVENT IN ADVANCE: Saint Pierre mentioned event banners may require permits. Robert prefers to go with Harvest Café posters that will promote the event months in advance. Location of banners may be difficult. Saint Pierre mentioned 11 x 14 inch professional posters with photoshop & graphic design that we can do internally through MAAFY.

OUTDOOR DÉCOR: Saint Pierre mentioned to enhance the theme with hay bales, Corn Stalks, and pumpkins. This requires significant clean up. Saint Pierre has had Harvest Festival in the past. We should play the theme out full course. Saint Pierre mentioned to bring Robert’s ducks for showcase.

HEALTH FOOD WORKSHOPS: were recommended by Saint Pierre. Robert said that he & Rika may conduct Harvest Café workshops. Duration of workshops would be 35- 45 minutes maximum. Keep rotating workshops to maintain attendees’ attention.

LIVE MUSIC ROTATION: The live music will interlace with the workshops and other interesting activities. The sound system will cover the entire event layout. Volume levels will be adjustable where needed in the “spread” of speakers. Recorded ambient instrumental lively music will be played between live music acts to keep the energy level “UP.” Special attention will be given to NOT blast out the booth areas.

WORKSHOPS: Robert mentioned a Pumpkin Carving workshop. We may be able to have some booth sponsors to do interesting workshops too. We need to decide on the appropriate Workshop Areas at the event. It will be a logistix decision as to where workshops will be best suited. Saint Pierre is leaning to the outside Amphitheater possibly.

THEATRICAL HARVEST PERFORMANCES: Featuring our Conservatory of Talented Youth. Presented by Music And Art For Youth Scholarship Kids.


Monday March 12, 2018 at 3pm (location to be determined)

INITIAL MEETING: November 20, 2017 at 1pm at Harvest Café. Saint Pierre gave event package to Robert Glover.

MUSIC & ART FOR YOUTH 175 South Ventura Avenue Suite 218

Ventura, CA 93001  (805) 479-4000

“a non- profit organization 501 (c) (3)”