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Featured Visual Artist Duane O'Connor

Duane O'Connor Little Creatures ArtDuane O'Connor Sculpture Visual Artist

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Duane O'Connor Art


Raised in Los Angeles during the 1940s and 50s, Duane spent much of his childhood observing the artistic and musical wonders of a big city. He benefits from a long, rich and diverse life from his many years in the furniture design industry.

At the age of seventy, he began his prolific art career. Beginning with painting, drawing and collages, O’Connor made a logical and smooth transition from two-dimensional art to working with concrete, and stone sculpture.

At seventy- seven years old, he realized all these life experiences have given him the ability to find the soul of the stone and release it through his unique and amazing stone sculptures. He has the hands of a master storyteller and each one of his extraordinary and mystical pieces has a voice and tells the story.

Duane O’Connor is currently creating at Art CityStudios in Ventura CA and works alongside other master carvers.

His Sculptures can be found in homes in Manhattan Beach, California, Berkley California, Thousand Oaks California, Mt. Washington California, and numerous other homes in California., Texas, Baja California and New York.


Large concrete sculpture “The Path of Life” at the Senior Center, Glassel Park California.


Artist Union Gallery, Ventura CA

Art City Studios Gallery, Ventura CA

California Sculptors Symposium, Cambria CA

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