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To: Music And Art For Youth

175 So. Ventura Avenue

Studio 218

Ventura, CA, 93001


Thank you again for this amazing opportunity. I understand that it is a working scholarship, and I hope you understand that I like to work. In anyway I can help, Scholarship or not, I am more than happy to be there. Like they say, if you want something done, ask the busiest person you know because they will find the time.

Wish List:

  1. I am able to attend both the show on November 28 and the Christmas show
  1. I would like to work for Disney, but it is more of a dream job. To be realistic I am willing to take a job anywhere that has a focus in animation
  1. I would be willing to donate my artwork, as long as I can still use the work in my portfolio I would not have a problem. I can always use a photographed copy of my work to send to schools and to the College Board.
  1. I enjoy sketching, using markers and ink the most. Painting is something I enjoy doing as well. I would like to get into more digital work, I just need some instruction on how to make my digital work better. I can also go on a more sculptural path, using unordinary medias to create artwork. I, however, strongly dislike using watercolor, maybe for lack of instruction, or just the fact that it is difficult for me to mix the colors I want.

Thank You!


Izzy De Paz

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