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The Country Roads Ride


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If you love pure country... you will love this ride. The estimated round trip is 20 miles. It is for intermediate to advanced rider level members.  Multi gear bicycles are recommended. Ten of those miles are rolling hills that will satisfy our members with some great breathing exercise. There are ten short distance hills to climb and a significant amount of scenic valley flat land. Three hills are long incline exercise. There are plenty of shady places to stop and rest as needed. You will experience some great sights filled with wild life, farm animals, rolling oak trees, beautiful distant mountains, hillsides, and old abandoned ranch equipment. The historic bronze marker below tells the story. The ride is a leisurely 2.5- 3 hour excursion. The pinnacle turnaround is an accomplishment at the top of the Ventura World when you go past the private entry gate sanctuary. (Rockin' Riders Are Allowed Entry). It's a very historic ride as we pass the old mission aqueduct that supplied natural spring water in the 1800's. A California grant $$$$$$$$$$ allowed the new park area to be built for the restoration of the remains of this huge aqueduct remnant. Everyone marvels that sees it. What a sight!  You also will see horses, and all sorts of farm animals, featuring some of the best ranches in Ventura County. There is a running water stream under the old oak tree with a natural rock laden picnic area to enjoy our half way rest stop or brown bag lunch. Our members may make a special request for this great ride! It is the pure country experience for all Rockin' Riders members to enjoy. Check a sample of our bicycle riding music with the album, "Flying In A Blue Dream" by House Of Blues Hollywood performing rock artist: "Joe Satriani". What a great way to start your day!   >>>>Check Out This Great Music Video Of Our Riding Music      Where did all the rush hour traffic go? Answer: "It went away for the day"!

      The Rancho La Canada Larga Historical Marker

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The Rancho La Canada Larga Ride

Rockin' Riders Bicycle Club has designed rides with the amazing views of paradise. Enjoy this 20 mile easy going country setting on "The Rancho Canada Larga" historical ride.

Quote: "Love healthy bicycle excercise" R.S. member

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