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The Rockin' Riders Bicycle Club

Bike Of The Year 2011   Check This  Out Below

"Member Bike Of The Year 2011 Award"

SPECIAL FEATURE:   For under $800 one Rockin' Rider member customized the bicycle pictured above with the help of some of our other club members. The manufacturer is the famous company: "Specialized".     >>>>More On This Bike     The specific model is "Sirrus Sport" in satin black. The bike features a light aluminum frame with all quality components & hardware. Wheel spokes & rims are matching black color for a sleek look. This new frame design has the latest world class style. This bike is called a hybrid which is similar to the classic road bike, but with the higher straight level handle bars for the rider's comfort. With 27 gears it is a sure smooth easy ride! A great new pick of the Rockin' Riders Bicycle Club!

The flat resistant tires come factory standard. However, inside tire liners (Cost: $20 + minimal installation) have been added to give an extra layer of protection against flats. Special other custom accessories include:

ON BOARD COMPUTER: that instantly measures speedometer, two trip distances, average speed, maximum speed, milege odometer reading, time of day, and total trip riding time! Cost: $70  (includes a removable device bracket for security)

ON BOARD STEREO: that connects to your iPod or iPhone! The unit amplifier has optional rechargeable batteries to save money! The sound is of a quality dynamic range that is so surprising and compact!  Stereo Cost: $35   Rechargeable Battery System $35   (includes removable device Velcro for security)

MINI REAR VIEW MIRROR: is installed on the left side handle bar. This type is fully adjustable without getting in the way. Such a small practical design! Cost: $22

INSULATED DRINK HOLDER: In matching black color. This handy style has an easy drink system that is safe while riding! Cost: $20

TRIANGLE REPAIR KIT: is stocked with a first aid kit, compressed air cylinder, adjustment wrenches, air gauge, hand wipes, flash light, extra batteries, and other handy items, including $5 spare cash. Cost Total With Contents: $40

UPGRADED MED LEATHER SEAT: is a body part protector that is worth every penny! Cost: $50

ON BOARD NIGHT LIGHTING: is a requirement by law for any night riding. The front light illuminates the entire path, and has a quick release holder that doubles as a strong LED flash light. The bright red rear light has a stationary brightness and a setting that is "red strobe" so you can more easily be seen from behind.

TRUE SECURITY LOCK: is a tamper proof secure combination lock with a special metal alloy light weight padded chain. One of the best in the industry!

Rockin' Riders Bicycle Club
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Every Ride Is An Experience

Rusty Bike Award 2011

Rusty Bike Award 2011

Rockin' Riders Bicycle Club has the help needed for bicycles when you need to choose the right one for yourself. You can try out bikes before you choose one. The club members have special privileges when it comes to repairs, service, maintenance, purchases, and personal training. Professional experts have designed the club.

Quote: "We are the oil addiction therapists" Shelly Sund

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