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CURRENT MODULE SCHEDULE   ***dates & times are subject to change only if required

JUNE 2018



SUNDAY JUNE 10, 2018 12pm- 5pm Final Editing Class by Instructor Ryan Del Nero at the WAV Theater Gallery

TO BE SCHEDULED "The WAV Rooftop FAMILY BarBQ" celebrating the module success, food & music provided. Invitation for the entire family. Sneak preview & presentation for the next summer module opportunity. Special guests. DIRECTORS AWARDS & PRESENTATION of gifts to the kids... CELEBRATE

MARCH 2018

COMPLETED MONDAY MARCH 12, 2018 6pm- 8:30pm KIDS TV STUDIO DIGITAL CAMERA CLASS: at CAPS Studio Ventura with attendees: Evelyn, Vanessa, Nate, Harrison, Maya, & Kadin, with supervisors Holly & Kimberly.

COMPLETED FRIDAY, MARCH 23 (6-8pm) - Music Video Pre-Production - Mr. Ryan Del Nero @ WAV

COMPLETED MONDAY, MARCH 26 (6:-8:30pm) - Editing Class @ CAPS software using Final Cut & Mac Computers in 5 Editing Suites. These suites will be available after Kids become certified by CAPS

CANCELLED WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 (5:-8:00pm) - MAFFY PRO ART HANGING SYSTEM INSTALLATION CLASS: Students can be part of this happening "hands on". Come to the Secret Garden Venue 981 East Main Street, Ventura CA 93001. We'll have pizza party & drinks. 20 COOL art works to enjoy as we curate & install it. Learn how! RSVP if you'd like to attend! Saint Pierre & Jed Swanson Instructors' Team. OWNER CALLED. FLYING OUT OF TOWN FOR DEATH IN FAMILY; PLUS BUILDING SUSTAINED WATER DAMAGE IN RAINS. NEEDS REPAIR BY LANDLORD. WILL RESCHEDULE.

TV Classes & Training For Our KIds

APRIL 2018

COMPLETED THURSDAY APRIL 5, 2018 6pm- 8:30pm CAPS Orientation Class  Saint Pierre & Ryan Del Nero completed this orientation night.

COMPLETED THURSDAY APRIL 12, 2018 6pm- 8:30pm CAPS Camera Class  Saint Pierre & Ryan Del Nero ARE scheduled for certification ON THIS NIGHT.

COMPLETED FRIDAY, APRIL 13 and/or SATURDAY, APRIL 14 - Music Video Film Shoot - Mr. Ryan Del Nero (on location). Ryan would like to use both Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14 so there is enough time for everyone to have hands-on learning with the equipment.  To that end, Friday 4/13 will be on location in Ojai (meadow shots) and Saturday 4/14 will be on location at Bates Beach for the beach shots.  Here are the details so far:

COMPLETED - PART I:  Music Video Film Shoot DATE/TIME:  Friday, April 13 from 4:00-7:00pm LOCATION:  Meet at Nordhoff High School parking lot, which is next to the meadows (1401 Maricopa Hwy, Ojai)

COMPLETED - PART II:  For Part II of the music video shoot on Saturday, April 14, please respond and let us know what time window works for you (please be specific if your availability is limited in a window): •Morning•Afternoon•Late Afternoon/Early Evening See you on Friday at Nordhoff - please reach out if you need a ride!

MAAFY Schedule "Time Running Out+

COMPLETED - WEDNESDAY APRIL 18, 2018 5pm- 9pm - Music Video Editing - Ryan Del Nero, instructor @ CAPS "Edit your videos with 2 booths available. Ryan said that you do not have to be there the entire time. You'll have each other to help your editing ideas".

COMPLETED THURSDAY APRIL 19, 2018 6pm- 8:30pm CAPS Editing Class Reservations Only-- Saint Pierre & Ryan Del Nero are scheduled for adult certification in this class.

RESCHEDULED FRIDAY, APRIL 20 ::: CAPS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Music Video Editing - Mr. Ryan Del Nero @ CAPS "busy day at CAPS with El Camino Student Program".

COMPLETED FRIDAY APRIL 27, 2018 at 5:30pm VIDEO TAPING MAYA MOUDERRES 2 Song Performance: School Spring Sing in Ojai. Need 2 students to utilize camera taping for "hands on training". Contact Holly Roberts (805) 558-5878 for coordination & camera equipment CAPS reservation. CAPS CAMERA RESERVATIONS at (805) 658-0500 CAPS CAMERA PICK UP:65 Day Rd. Ventura

COMPLETED SATURDAY APRIL 28, 2018 at 12 NOON VIDEO TAPING MAYA MOUDERRES: 1 Song A Cappella NATIONAL ANTHEM at the Final Pac 12 Tennis Matches (Televised on Pac 12 Network) 2 kid camera crew opportunity

COMPLETED SATURDAY APRIL 28, 2018 at 6pm- 8pm WORKSHOP: By Josh & other instructors: PANEL at the WAV

TV Timer

MAY 2018

COMPLETED SATURDAY MAY 5 at 8:30am- 12 Noon FARMERS MARKET SHOW DOWNTOWN VENTURA: performance opportunities, face painting kids, and creating art for ALL TO SEE. We need volunteer kids & adults starting at 7am. Learn "HOW TO SET UP A SHOW". It's an art!

COMPLETED SATURDAY, MAY 5 at (6-8pm) - Film Pitch/ Plan/ Pre-Production I - Mr. Ryan Del Nero @ WAV

COMPLETED FRIDAY, MAY 11 (6-8pm) - Film Pitch/ Plan/ Pre-Production II - Mr. Ryan Del Nero @ WAV

cANCELLED SATURDAY MAY 12, 2018 at (6pm- 8pm) Acting Workshop: By Lindsay Styler (friend of Kat) at the WAV

COMPLETED FRIDAY, MAY 18 - Film Shoot I - Mr. Ryan Del Nero (on location)

SATURDAY MAY 19 - Film Shoot II - Mr. Ryan Del Nero (on location)

FRIDAY MAY 25 through MAY 28th MONDAY "ENJOY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND" with your family (4 Whole Days)

COMPLETED TUESDAY MAY 29 4pm- 10pm WINCHESTERS ON MAIN FUNDRAISING EVENT: Perform & Exhibit your art to an attentive audience. Theatrical reading & creative skits to be added in this show. Visual art woks exhibit on walls. Non- Stop entertainment & live music. Invite everyone you know. All they have to do is "EAT DINNER", Restaurant 20% food proceeds go to

The WAV Productions Theater Gallery StageKytriena Payseno Actress & Instructor  >

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COMPUTER GEEK WORKSHOP 1- 2- 3: What do you want to know? Do I go Mac or PC or Both? The latest technology in external storage local drives? UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply. How Many Amps will work for me in a power outage. What about electrical damage protection?  What birthday & Christmas gift combined might Santa Claus bring for my investment future? Learn about costs. Learn about capacity. Learn about displays. Learn about connection & cables. Learn about editing software needs. Instructor Saint Pierre at the WAV.

FX GUITAR WORKSHOP: 1-2-3: Check out the heart of guitar special effects. Check out a state of the art pedaltrain filled with effects pedals. How do I get the right guitar sounds? How do I hook them up? What's my favorite sounds? Just like the pros! Instructor Saint Pierre at The WAV.

RHYTHM MUSIC WORKSHOP 1 & 2: At The WAV Theater Gallery. Learning basics for counting measures in music. Sample percussion instruments & drums provided. Be inspired to discover this new world of beats.

ART TABLE Creations 1-2-3-4-5: Paint, Sketch, & Create. Freedom Of The Arts. Try It and DISCOVER yourself. All supplies provided ON DEMAND ARTS. Where to start. How to Choose. Exhibits available. At WAV Theater Gallery & Bell Arts

MICROPHONE TECHNIQUES WORKSHOP 1 & 2: "Everything you need to know" on stage applications. amplification. How you can overcome stage fear. Demo all sorts of microphones. Learn how to set up & test microphones on sound systems. "Know How" At WAV Theater Gallery and/ or Studio 218.

CULINARY HOSPITALITY WORKSHOP: 1-2-3 with CHEF DAVID Easy cooking. Easy going recipes for our active young artists. Healthy ways to dream up just the right meal. Share and care. Have lots of fun too. Harvest Café sponsored. At WAV Theater Gallery Green Room Kitchen, Jimmy Slice( Learn HowTo Make A Pizza), plus at The Harvest Café. Make a meal for your family later that evening!

SINGER SONGWRITING WORKSHOP 1 & 2: at The WAV Theater Gallery. Start with your words & poetry. Turn into music. Get the help you need for a fast start. Learn music structure, verse, chorus, and music bridge.

MICROPHONE TECHNIQUES WORKSHOP 1 & 2: "Everything you need to know" on stage applications. amplification. How you can overcome stage fear. Demo all sorts of microphones. Know the difference. Studio 218.

HANGING ART EXHIBITS 1 & 2: Learn techniques of curating, hanging, placement, and labeling. Preparing art works presentable. Actual hanging in an art professional setting. At Downtown Ventura 2 venues. Limit 2-3 kids.

RECORDING STUDIO WORKSHOP 1-2-3: Learn the basics of digital audio recording 24 tracks. Song scratch track to start. Where do I start? Is this for me? An advance on- demand class. Limit 2-3 kids. In WAV Studio 218.

VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE 1-2-3-4-5 ACADEMIC WORKSHOP: Installation help for your PC or MAC at WAV Studio 218. Bring your laptop or Desktop computer. We'll show you how to get off to a good start.

MUSIC EDITING SOFTWARE 1-2-3-4-5 ACADEMIC WORKSHOP: How do I record my music and songs? How do I get my songs on Spotify and Pandora? Installation help for your PC or MAC at WAV Studio 218. Bring your laptop or Desktop computer. Mixing is an art. A little bit of the "ENGINEER" in you. We'll show you what you need to be PRO

CULINARY HOSPITALITY WORKSHOP: 1-2-3 Easy cooking. Easy going recipes for our active young artists. Healthy ways to dream up just the right meal. Share and care. Have lots of fun too. Harvest Café sponsored. At WAV Theater Gallery Green Room Kitchen or at The Harvest Café.

EXHIBIT ART TRAINING CLASS ::: “Hanging Art”: This workshop class happens on Main Street two venues “on location”. What sells. How To Label. Positioning Art. Natural Selection Method. Proper Lighting. Limit 2-4 kids.

Evelyn ClerouMiranda Romero       >>>See Miranda's Video

The Getty Field Trip   >>>See Our Field Trip At The Getty Villa


THE GETTY CENTER MUSEUM: On the bus ride, listen to a presentation: Historic Views of European Cities and Iconic Monuments. At the museum, we will take a docent-guided tour of the unique architecture and gardens. After enjoying lunch at one of the on-site dining options, there will be time to explore one of the featured exhibits on your own, or join our host for a tour of the Collection Highlights. (Tour fee does not include lunch.) Departing from Ventura DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED 9am- 5pm $33 per person. ::: While seats last. First come first serve.

FIELD TRIP  THE GETTY VILLA: Tour the museum's stunning Roman peristyle gardens and architecture and view the antiquities collections by yourself or with our host. Lunch at your own cost at the onsite café. departure from Ventura. 9am- 5pm. $33 Per Person. ::: While seats last. First come first serve. DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED

  >>>See Live Music Video At The WAV Theater Gallery

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Theatrical Workshops

MORE FUTURE WORKSHOPS: (arranged by Kat)

STAGE CRAFT WORKSHOP: with Tara Saylor @ The WAV 175 S Ventura Ave, Ventura, CA 93001.

ACTING WORKSHOP: with Alariza Nevarez actress and teacher from LA @ The WAV. This is 2 hour workshop. This is a weekend morning class.

INDUSTRY WORKSHOP: with Alex Feldman runs Actor for Actors in LA @ The WAV. This is a 2 hour class.

SCENIC PAINTING WORKSHOP: @ The WAV with KAT. She will fly in for this weekend filled with workshops at The WAV Theater Gallery.

SCREEN WRITING WORKSHOP: Joss and John friends of Kat, who are working screen writers. Join us @ The WAV Theater Gallery. These speakers to talk about screenwriting and film.

OJAI AERIAL ARTS WORKSHOP: a class with Ojai Aerial Arts, on a Friday, 5-7pm. This Aerial Dancing workshop is in Ojai on Location.

HEAD SHOTS SESSION & BarBQ:  More head shots for your crafts' update. Indoor/ Outdoor WAV Studio 218

REEL SESSION: Another shot at the reel bio for the kids. On Location & CAPS TV STUDIO, Ventura.

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