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Our Intern Development Program

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Natalie Means Artist DevelopmentProduction Services

Starting at 20 years old, our internship will bring accelerated development in the arts. This is a community service educational sector of our program sponsored by Music And Art For Youth. Gifted visual artists and performing artists are sought out from exhibits, nomination, referrals, and auditions. Once selected by our Board of Directors... and if the artists are "on board" with our vision... they are then scheduled for our Concert Art Shows. These artists are positioned for collaboration in the arts with our scholarship students. The artist pay back is professional development and potential involvement in our shows, the community, and our non- profit fund raising cause. There are opportunities for distribution of their art and music in our performance venue and on line through our web site services. Professional production in the cultural arts happens at all our events. These events are an important aspect for the City of Ventura. The honorable mayor & city council have proclaimed Ventura as the "New Art City" for all to enjoy. Our volunteer staff was instrumental in obtaining the "Community Events Facility Permit & Proclamation" at the WAV, Working Artists Ventura. Our production services hold high quality standards that help achieve success at all our fund raising events. The Artist Development Program provides proper education in promotion, public relations, staffing, permits, food service, beverage service, security, technicians, set up operations, professional audio systems , and professional lighting systems that include special effects (FX). The Program is designed for visual artists, and performing artists. After years of experience, we have developed this worthwhile community service . The intern program covers the following training:

Quality Performance & Exhibit Venue For The Cultural Arts

On Line Gallery To Generate Art

Professional Photo Sessions (Photo Shoots) To Promote Our Artists

PR Public Relations Training To Promote Art

Press Release Service To Media

Fan Base Development For Artists

Social Media/ Facebook Development To Promote Fans

TV Interview (CAPS) To Promote Art To Community

Involvement with Live On Stage Concert Art Shows

TV Music Videos For Promotional Purposes/ You Tube, etc

TV Visual Artist Interviews For Promotional Purposes

Merchandising Skills For Artist Development

Web Site Development To Promote The Art

Licensing and Artist Agreements In Legal Matters

Merchant Services For Art

Distribution Channel For Art (Non-Exclusive)

Branding Development (

Name Recognition For The Artist)

Recording Studio Facilities & Mastering For Performing Artists

Copyright & Trademarks For The Artists' Protection

Community Partnership With Other Non- Profit Organizations & Business Organizations

TV Local & National Cable Channel  Syndicate (Goal with 5 years of involvement)

Concert Art Shows
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In The Cultural Arts

A Big "Help The Kids" Opportunity


Educational Services

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Training Tools & Equipment

  • Pro Audio Sound Systems: Large & Small.
  • Pro Lighting Systems
  • Seating and Tables of all sorts
  • Umbrellas & Furniture
  • Commercial Coffee Maker
  • Ladders, Tools, Dollies
  • Stage & Velour Duvertyne Curtains
  • Follow Spotlight For Shows
  • Event Permits Clearance
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Media Newspaper Press Release Service
  • Video Photography On-Site
  • Recording Studio Services
  • Professional Operators & Technicians
  • All Types of Equipment & Services
  • Timely & Fast Set Up