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The On Line Gallery Of Geoff Pocock

 Geoff Pocock Art Titled: Embraced  Geoff Pocock Art     

             "Embraced"         "Rainbow On The Green"

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GEOFF POCOCK VISUAL ARTIST: is a professional WAV artist in the "New Art City". His painting style is very unique, captured as "Geometric Abstract". His personality is captured with love, color, joy, and happiness. We were impressed with the persona of this extraordinary man. His art has been enjoyed by throngs of people from around the world. We value our professional relationship with Goeff into the long term future. Check out this amazing gifted artist painter. His great work has been featured in our Concert Art Show visual arts exhibit at the "Showplace On Main Street", as well as numerous WAV exhibits. This world class artist features an amazing presentation of colorful geometric art. He is an outstanding Ventura artist that we love!  Geoff also appears in our 70's Alive Show this year. Geoff is a gifted writer and produces the art of poetry as well. We love his art! His interviews were recorded @ The WAV in our TV Studio. He was taped in a second TV show in our Concert Art Show live performance & exhibit venue.  The fans in our audience have come to know this fabulous classic artist! His art is reasonably priced at his request. These giant paintings should be enjoyed throughout your home & business place. His paintings are an outstanding value to be treasured for generations to come!   

  Geoff Pocock Art Titled: "Caressed"   Geoff Pocock Art Titled "Autobahn Over The Rhine"

               "Caressed"                                    "Autobahn"

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"A Professional Gifted Artist In The New Art City"  

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SOLD!  Two of our favorite paintings were sold at our 70's Alive Concert Art Show: "Passion" and "BO BO" (The Owl). To make an offer to the new owners of these paintings, call our customer service number (800) 350-7787.

Artist Biography: Geoff Pocock

In his youth as an English artist,  Geoff Pocock was drawn toward theater and writing. He acted in London, was briefly a member of the Reserve Royal Shakespeare Company, and did a stint with an opera company in Grenoble, France. Coming to New York in his twenties, he was inspired by the abundance of invigorating culture... shedding the shackles of convention. Joining the throng he created and performed his own form of experimental theater sometimes including the talents of the Living Theater, and other prominent performing artists. He read his poetry with Ginsberg with equal billing. In the mid '70's he attended S. V. A. and veered toward sculpture and painting. One of his environmental/ endurance pieces was 240' long in Monument Valley. Since then he has traveled extensively in India, North Africa and most countries in East and West Europe. For fourteen years he lived in Germany making frequent extended trips to New York. He had eleven of his stories broadcast on a Bavarian radio station.

Description Of The Art Work: Master Color Schemes and Modern Geometrics

Quote From The Artist: "I am open to share my views with an enthusiasm for life... and the anecdotes of my eclectic past. I love to read my poetry art. You can experience  prose and discourse with humor on two epic pieces: '24 Squared' (executed on the Navajo reservation) and 'the Great Wheels Project to be done throughout India'."

History Of The Artist: Pocock has exhibited his art in London, Bergerac (France), Dusseldorf and New Orleans. He lived in the Crescent City for ten years before coming to be a member of the W.A.V. community in Ventura, California in 2010. 

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