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County OfSupervisors Award 161031 2016

The Ventura County Supervisors Award 

We received this award from the Ventura County Government Center, by John C. Zaragoza, County Supervisor.. The purpose of the award to recognize our non- profit for "Helping The Kids". Antonio Barrera's acrylic on canvas painting is installed in Mr. Zaragoza's office for all to enjoy. Antonio has been on stage in many Concert Art Shows, and has developed excellent communications skills to explain his art. He has sold art in most of our exhibits. Initially, his 3rd grade teacher, at the time, Laura Newman, nominated Antonio for our program. He has successfully completed his scholarship with Music And Art For Youth. Our organization raised funds to send him to Cal Arts in Valencia, California. (Student CAPS Program) Antonio Barrera is now alumni of our organization for "Alternative Accelerated Education". We are very proud of him.

Antonio Barrera Scholarship Student

Titled Horns Of Night Art Work        Titled "Surf Life" Art Work

       "Horns Of Night"                      "Surf Life"

Titled: "Ocean Scene" Art Work

    Ventura County "Ocean Scene"

Titled: "Milky Way" Art Work

         "Milky Way"

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Our Kid Artists appear on stage in Concert Art Shows, produced as fund raising events. The Kids are also trained in social skills to present their own art to audiences throughout the community. The Non- Profit is based in Downtown Ventura in the Cultural Arts District. Established in 2009, our mission is the convergence of the visual arts & the performing arts together. The show proceeds benefit the artists and our fund raising cause: Music And Art For Youth", a Non- Profit Organization 501 (c) (3). All donations are tax- deductable.

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