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The On Line Gallery Of Bethany Marie Harris

 Bethany Marie Harris Art Titled: Frustration    Bethany Marie Harris Art Titled: Lazy Day   

      "Frustration"            "Lazy Day"

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  Bethany Marie Harris Art Titled: Blue Bliss   Bethany Marie Harris Art Titled: Peaceful Moment

 "Blue Bliss"               "Peaceful Moment"

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"A Professional Gifted Artist In The New Art City"  

     Quote From Ashley Taylor Harris

Bethany Marie Harris is our featured natural tree isolation artist in our On Line Gallery. She appeared live in our debut Jodi Farell Concert Art Show & Fundraiser. We discovered her through her art exhibit at the Good Bar. When we saw her art work, we were truly impressed at the beauty. One of our board members bought one of her art masterpieces right on the spot This tree art art captures the isolation that exists in this world. Every one of her art masterpieces is unique and can be appreciated in some of the most creative environments. Her art is an outstanding and creative work with an appreciation of the artistic tree natural existence in our world. Enjoy her art for ages to come!  We believe Bethany is truly a unique artist who is set to be a success. She loves her wonderful style of art. And... she does it well. "The Isolation in Natural Tree Surroundings Artist" of our On Line Gallery. Enjoy the unique texture and style!

Artist Biography: Bethany Marie Harris

Bethany is originally from the small town of Porterville, Californias and is obtaining her teaching credential for single subject art at Cal Lutheran University. She graduated from Channel Island State University in 2010 in studio art with a double emphasis in Art History.   Bethany wants to teach others the beauty of art with subjects of natural elements and vibrant colors.

Description Of The Art Work: Isolation Paintings Tree Art

Quote From The Artist: "My main focus is 'in studio art' in painting."

History Of The Artist:  She has grown up with the outdoors being her source of inspiration and trees being the main subject. Her subjects consist of isolation such as a tree with a colorful background that could provoke a certain feeling.

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