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Thank you for your participation in our Music And Art For Youth Scholarship Program & Nomination. Our staff will review your information to evaluate the nominated student. Student interviews are set up after we receive all the information requested. We will be in touch to follow up shortly after this nomination is received by our staff.

At the student interview, the whole family should be present in full support of the student. The student will have a few minutes at the interview appointment to show a portfolio of art, such as a music audition, paintings, sketches, dance, theatrical skills, or any other existing art work (developed or undeveloped).

The determination for the scholarship will happen on a different day after the portfolio interview. (usually within a few days if our staff has received all requested information). If student is awarded the scholarship, a custom curriculum will be initiated so that the student can get started.

We're always excited to add gifted kids in the arts to our program!

We wish you success in seeing the student be involved in a scholarship...

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