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Saint Pierre, Director


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Saint Pierre is executive director for Ventura, California, USA based non-profit 501 (c) (3), MUSIC AND ART FOR YOUTH, helping needy kids 9- 19 years old to obtain free student scholarships in the arts of all sorts. He is an event & show planner for funky cool venues all over the region, to benefit this kids' cause.

Daily activities involve his management of public relations through this web site, social media, and promotional fast moving music video productions. There are kids' art exhibits hung & currated by Saint Pierre around town 365 days a year, non- stop. He became aware of the gift of his artistry at 9 years old. By 12, he was on stage. At 21 he was in the entertainment industry full time, performing guitar & singing. He attributes overwhelming inspiration from his French Canadian grandmother, Marie Louise. She gave him his start. He recently quoted: "My greatest rewards now come from helping & blessing the next younger generation of gifted kids; to achieve their life goals & dreams for the future of cultural arts. They are like diamonds... precious and rare".

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