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The Robert Earl Longley Show

Robert Earl Longley Performing ArtistWine Tasting Performance

"A Creative Expression Of Music & Art"

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An amazing world class show. The music genre of this main live performer is new fusion: jazz- rock- flamenco. A powerful, original, and inspirational show. Robert creates a heart touching & engaging atmosphere through the passion in his music. A true ENTERTAINER... He has performed at the Emmy Awards, the Grammy Awards, and many famous stages. He is musician extraordinaire enjoyed by audiences up & down the California coast and throughout the USA. Celebrity, Lee Ritenour says: "Robby is the real deal on stage... amazing". Experience getting asylum in your soul through his music.

This show features great new visual art and our popular silent auction, with VIP Art Awards: "Outstanding People".

FUNDRAISER NEEDY KID ART SCHOLARSHIPS: Many kid scholarships were awarded. The specific purpose of our programs are to provide education in the arts for both performing artists and visual artists. Our organization has an emphasis to provide youth with student scholarships of accelerated arts education. Our community programs engage the public to be involved to effectively continue the development of the cultural arts for the next generation. This focus enables all age generations in the community to enjoy support of creative artistic development. It allows this function to happen despite any economic hardships, any school district budget cuts, any public budget cuts, and any (family) financial limitations for education of potential highly gifted youth artists. Our "Accelerated Education Scholarships" develop youth artists through custom assigned private art instructors, side by side professional artist mentors, and Concert Art Shows that provide the platform for performance and art exhibits for our scholarship students and artists. The result motivates the community and our adult artists to accomplish significant strides for new future generations of cultural artists through education. It also benefits the public through the educational convergence of the visual and performing cultural arts.

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The Concert Art Shows are produced by Saint Pierre. The stage is pictured above. "Every Concert Is An Art Show". Celebrating the cultural arts for many wonderful four years. Thank you to all our fans. "Best Performance Venue"  with our original exclusive shows.. Proceeds benefit the artists and our non- profit cause: Music & Art For Youth".  

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