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Advice To Young Artists Educational Video

"8 Pro Artists From Around The World"

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ABOUT THE VIDEO: Watch, listen and soak in the words of 8 prominent artists, who have strong and diverse thoughts on what constitutes insightful advice to young artists. Starting with Serbian performance artist, Marina Abramovich, who feels that it is essential to be ready to fail. South African artist, William Kentridge believes that good advice has more to do with the interaction between the person giving the advice, and the person receiving it. Rock singer and poet, Patti Smith shares the advice that writer William S. Burroughs once gave her: to build and protect your name by producing good work, and eventually your name will become its own worth. American singer, David Byrne emphasizes the importance of not undervaluing your own artistic satisfaction. German film director, Wim Wenders stresses that you have to do what no one else can do better than you. Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson recommends that you are sensitive to your surroundings. Plus British artists, Dinos and Jake Chapman cut to the bone, and don't hold back their true feelings.

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ARTIST COMMENT: "Don't do anything that you know somebody else can do better. Do what nobody else can do, except for you." I guess I'm trying to say something along the lines of "Be an original," but it comes off like "Don't be inspired by your superiors. Give up without trying. Also, do the impossible." I could have listened to a whole talk by Marina Abramovic & Patti Smith. They were on the point.

ARTIST COMMENT: There are so many artists right now that it is increasingly difficult to stand out. I believe you can do everything right and still fail economically while someone with half your ability but with good fortune will kick your ass. Life isn't fair so don't do art expecting a fair outcome. Art is therapy. In the end you can ask yourself 'did I live a creative life?' And if the answer is yes you can RIP.

ARTIST COMMENT: Most people in life aren`t really the experts they are paid to be . If your a genius , you`ll realize your own conscious dream and enjoy it.

ARTIST COMMENT: For the longest time I was a graphic artist and always hated even the idea of painting. But one day I decided to take what I drew and turned it into a painting. The feeling of accomplishmentof what it was totally, changed my mind. Now I am a painter and love it more than anything. I have found my passion.

ARTIST COMMENT: Patti Smith spoke for me with very straight forward pieces of advice in this video.

ARTIST COMMENT: Nobody else can do what you do; any better than you.

ARTIST COMMENT: I have got much from this video. I am one of the youngest artists here I am sure. This video has helped me determine what I want in my life. My life is my own and nobody will take over it. Thanks for the advice. From: Valerie age 9

ARTIST COMMENT: Enough said. True story in this video.

ARTIST COMMENT: The video makes me feel like I should "think like a child and never stop playing!

ARTIST COMMENT: This video is not just for the young, but for everyone.

ARTIST COMMENT: I don't know what it is about Patti Smith that I like so much. Of course I don't know her personally, but she seems super authentic...not pretentious at all. Read her book "Just Kids"'s a great memoir.

ARTIST COMMENT: Patti Smith 100% best advice, just genuine human.

ARTIST COMMENT: When it comes to art! I've only been painting a year and I just wasn't getting it at first, globbing on the paint and it would get muddy and all mix together, but now everything just clicked and I'm creating art I want to see!


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