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Frances Spencer Visionary Artis

Frances Spencer’s exquisite linocut prints of wild soaring birds, spectacular large cats and mythical creatures are fauvist in nature, with primitive and medieval undertones. Additionally her oil paintings of cabaret nights are whimsical and complex. Her past experience as a performing mime  and produced playwright often rubs off on her canvases in theatrical and dance themes. Other themes in her paintings and prints are biblical, mythical, and many others. Enjoy and experience the art of one of the most gifted visionary artists.                                                                                                    


        (hand pulled print)

 Santa Barbara Coast (hand pulled print)

Concert Art Shows
A Saint Pierre Production
In The Cultural Arts District
Downtown Ventura, California


Concert Art Show Stage

The Concert Art Shows are produced by Saint Pierre in the New Art City, Ventura. The stage is pictured above. "Every Concert Is An Art Show". Celebrating the cultural arts for over three years. Thank you to all our fans. "Best Venue Ventura".