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Featured Artist Geoff Pocock

 Geoff Pocock Artist and Poet          Geoff Pocock Art  "Autobahn Over The Rhine"

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"A Professional Gifted Artist In The New Art City"  

Pocock has exhibited his art in London, Bergerac(France), Dusseldorf and New Orleans. He lived in the Crescent City for ten years before coming to be a member of the WAV. community in Ventura. 

Geoff Pocock Art "Athena"       Geoff Pocock Art "Jazz Ripple"

The Geoff Pocock TV Artist Interview      Clapping Hands Encore 

Pictured with Saint Pierre is Visual Artist, Master Poet & Writer, Geoff Pocock.

As a master poet, he describes two favorites featuring prose and discourse with humor on two of his epic pieces;
'24 Squared' (executed on the Navajo reservation) and 'the Great Wheels Project to be done throughout India'.

To contact Artist Geoff Pocock for a private showing call (504) 400-0709 or email

Poetry Of Artist Geoff Pocock: 

(from his future "Haiku Book Of 108 Poems")

While wise men whisper            Rain falls in warm drops.           Bullets and sickles
mournful predictions of doom,     Lizards scurry up the walls.      hidden within the grass.
simple folk sing songs.              Two bodies entwine.                 A field mouse gives birth.
Her yellow dress swirls.            Between solid bars                    Summers by the sea.
Laughter spills from ruby lips.    a bright strand of spiders web     Periwinkle memories
She dances alone.                    glistens with sunlight.                still upon the beach.
Floating lakes drift by,               Warm sunny morning,               Inner thoughts unspoken.
clouds reflected in the pond.       a butterfly dies alone.               Echo of no sound lingers
All is illusive.                             In the tree birds sing.                in an empty heart.
Older than the moon                  Firm mud glistening,                 One man laughs freely,
virgin snow melts in the sun,      on sunset sheen the boy runs,   another longs for freedom,
her innocence lost.                    fish in pail flapping.                   both in the same land.

My drooling sister                 Fragrance of wet hay.                    
lunges at her dinner plate.     Yellow straws stick to naked flesh. 
It breaks with my heart.         Outside the rain falls. 


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