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All Natural Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients From Santa Barbara   >>>>See TV Interview All Natural Ingredients

Michael Morse Singer Song Writer for All Natural Ingredients

MICHAEL MORSE: is an awesome singer songwriter for Santa Barbara's group, All Natural Ingredients. We discovered them in Ventura. Immediately, Concert Art Shows recognized their extraordinary music in performing arts. QUOTE FROM ARTIST: “All the music you can imagine & more is playing right now: it’s just a matter of turning up the volume on your channel” says Michael Morse about his passion for music & song writing. Born in Austin, Texas, he moved to California in the late 60’s where he heard Jazz at home (Tijuana Brass, Dave Brubeck), and hard rock at school (Jimi Henrdix, Led Zeppelin). Starting formal guitar lessons at age 10, playing in bars by age 16, and branching into multiple instruments, arranging, recording and production, Michael has pursued his “channel”, manifested today in the band All Natural Ingredients. His songs, range from whimsical to introspective, and have landed him on KCSB Radio, Santa Barbara local TV (The Indie Music Show), Ventura Caps 6 TV (Saint Pierre’s Fire), KRUZ radio, and venues from Central & Southern California. “I heard this amazing groove on the radio yesterday and in a moment of clarity realized that who ever was playing it, you and I wrote it: that since we’re all one, there is no authorship, my music is your music”, M.M.

Reed Burnham Bass Guitar Artist For All Natural Ingredients

REED BURNHAM: One of our favorite bass artists... this man creates his passion within Concert Art Shows' performance and adds the bottom music line depth to the great rock music of All Natural Ingredients. Birthplace Rochester, NH. Reed learned acoustic guitar at 8 years old by playing along with his AM clock radio at the top of his bed headboard. Reed was playing locals bars in Wisconsin at the ripe age of 15 with blues and country players twice his age. Later Reed attended The Music Business Institute in Atlanta. He then worked with producer Butch Vig at Smart Studios of Madison, WI with 'Beat The Naked'. He was heavily involved in Madison's underground alternative and hard rock music scene throughout the 80's. Reed went on to play in front of large audiences at the Mifflin Street Block Party and then Milwaukee's Summerfest Rock Stage. Since relocating to California in the mid 90's, he was working bassist for 'SOCK BABIES', as well as 'BLACK ANGEL', replacing Ike & Tina Turner's son Ronnie Turner. He has recorded bass and guitar for Melborne Moon's 'Repairing Fence' CD as well. Reed is current performing and recording bassist with Santa Barbara's original powerpop project 'ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS'.

Pat Patterson Keyboard Artist All Natural Ingredients

PAT PATTERSON:  This keyboard artist has the gift of creating All Natural Ingredients' music arrangements that are powerful, effective, and musically interesting for the audience of Concert Art Shows. First it happens at their private rehearsal studio in Santa Barbara. It happens in the recording studio. It then happens every time at their LIVE PERFORMANCES at Concert Art Shows. Ask Pat Patterson to describe his formal piano training, and he’ll tell you, “I learned just enough piano theory to support my singing habit.” True that may be, but don’t get the idea that this musical virtuoso is new to pounding the ivories. Back in the 1980’s when other teens were listening to Dan Fogelberg, REO Speedwagon, Journey, and Devo on FM radio, he would be sitting contentedly at home teaching himself stride piano along with scratchy recordings of Fats Waller, copying Teddy Wilson piano licks from old Benny Goodman albums, picking-out sonorous melodies from Bach cello suites, imitating Aerosmith guitar riffs, or exploring complex pieces by electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita. One of Pat’s favorite high school memories is of a time when a friend helped him sneak into the a local Episcopal church so that he could lay down a few Bach fugue excerpts on the enormous pipe organ built into the sanctuary walls.

Pat has been a singer all his life, and for much of the 1990’s he performed with the popular and in-demand foursome, “Swingtime,” that brought professional quality acapella music to thousands through exciting live performances and entertaining studio recordings. A high point of Swingtime's travels was when Michael Jackson hired the foresome to give a private performance for the Jackson family at Neverland Valley ranch.

Swingtime disbanded in the late 90's, and shortly thereafter Pat added acoustic guitar to his resume. The mellow sound of strings and wood was a natural pairing and accompaniment to his vocal talents, and he was soon playing local gigs and performing with the popular Santa Barbara-based folk group “Ice Cream Bones.” When the group called it quits after two years, Pat focused again on playing keys. He came to Michael Morse to join the band, and you know the rest! Pat prefers to play pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers "live" rather than call upon pre-recorded digital loops or sample tracks, and he draws heavily from his diverse musical background to help craft the band's unique sound. It's all there. Naturally."

Mike Sharpe Drummer All Natural Ingredients

MIKE SHARPE: is drummer for All Natural Ingredients. This man knows how to "clock" the music to perfection. Mike Sharpe is a great drummer percussion artist that makes the music so precise in creative beats. He's a dedicated & generous member within the group, All Natural Ingredients. He's one of our cool guy picks from the moment we discovered this great group in Ventura, California.

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