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Jodi Farrell & TresCoustics"

Jodi Farrell, TresCoustics, Jodi Farrell Music Studio

"An Amazing Performing Artist Experience"

JODI FARRELL & TRESCOUSTICS PERFORMING ARTISTS: is a performance rich group that we discovered in music land for the Concert Art Shows. TresCoustics has extraordinary performing artistry and an excellent stage presence. Their full multi talent style includes heavenly vocals and stringed instruments. The experience produces soaring sounds of 3-part harmony. Special guest percussionist is Sticks Randall Richman. The music & vocal art will bring the audience to desired places! Jodi Farrell & TresCoustics is another part of the Concert Art Show's great mission for the "Convergence Of The Visual Arts & The Performing Arts". The group has been involved in live TV music video taping at our Concert Art Shows. Every concert is an art show. Enjoy this shining star performer, Jodi Farrell with TresCoustics!     

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TreCousticts Band

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Performer Mark Fewell was born in deep southern Louisiana and moved west to Santa Barbara at the tender age of 7. He began playing in party bands in the late 70's and early 80's trying to combat that scourge known as " disco ". He gave up his Stratocaster for a Martin acoustic guitar and began writing songs and playing alongside his cousin Cary Cobb in the acoustic group Meritage...Now he resides in TresCoustics with Jodi Farrell and Cary Cobb which is perfect for a man of his age and ever diminishing mind ( lol ) He is a 50 year old that feels like a 30 year old and acts like a 20 year old....he strives to never act his age.......

Performer Cary Cobb was born in 1962 in Jacksonville, Florida. Cary began playing piano around the age of 5. Started playing guitar at age 8. Cary's first official rock band started making music around 1974. He's been in multiple kinds of bands from the mid-70's to the present. Everything from rock to jazz to country and blues. During the early 1980's, he played the Los Angeles showcase circuit while in college. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications from Pepperdine University in 1985. He enjoys all kinds of music and is always looking to learn more and expand his musical horizons. Art and media is his life. He has worked as a graphic designer since 1987 and enjoys all things creative. Cary enjoys the guitar, piano, bass, drums, mandolin, banjo and a few other stringed instruments. He has played in an acoustic based group with his cousin, Mark Fewell, for at least 10 years. Now, TrèsCoustics, with Jodi Farrell, is one of the best acoustic-based groups Cary has been a part a long time. He looks forward to playing many more engagements with this new group!

Sticks Randall Richman TresCoustics

Special Guest Performer "Sticks" Randall Richman He was born in Hollywood during the "Elvis Presley" decade and grew up surrounded by actors, artists, directors, producers and musicians throughout his formative years. His first recollection at 11 years old was with the Electric Prunes and Strawberry Alarm Clock at his father's nightclub in Culver City. A decade later he produced at his own club with bands like the Go-Go's, Plimsouls, Fear, X, Steppenwolf, Beachy & The Beachnuts, Babylon Warriors, Division Street, and many other performers. Sticks joined the Grammy Group in 1983 and produced over thirty albums within the last  30 years. Some of his local talented association includes Nathan McEuen, Delaney Gibson, David James Holster, Wendy MaHarry, The Tatters, Richie Ray Stevens, and Crash Course. He loves art, politics and business. Based in Ventura, California, he is happily married to Ellie Kearns-Richman with a lovely family blessing of four children. See "Sticks" with a great percussion artistry, as he currently performs in TresCoustics!

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TThe Concert Art Shows are produced by Saint Pierre in the New Art City, Ventura. The stage is pictured above. "Every Concert Is An Art Show". Celebrating the cultural arts for years. Thank you to all our fans. "Best Venue Ventura".

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