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Lucy Jane Assignment One

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The Flowers Are Red Music Video: by Harry Chapin


This creative video teaches an important lesson for a kid artist. Lesson #1 is to interpret what the message is, and how it applies to the learning experience at Music And Art For Youth. Describe in an essay of 200 words or less, what you have learned from this music video. And how this music video might change the way you think about art. Assignment began on December 2, 2016, and lesson one, two, and three was turned in on December 18, 2016.  

Lucy Jane's Completed Lesson #1>>>See Lucy Jane's Completed Essay #1 For Lesson One


"What adults call ‘wrong’ in Child Art is the most beautiful and most precious. I value highly those things done by small children. They are the first and purest source of artistic creation." ~ Franz Cizek   

Lucy Jane's Completed Lesson #2>>>See Lucy Jane's Completed Essay #2 For Lesson Two

LESSON #3 For Lucy Jane: RESEARCH THE AUTHOR OF THE QUOTE ON LINE: Study about the author and provide a two page research paper. Student must be able to explain  about the author in students own words. And specify what author's contribution was to the world. What impact difference did this author make?   

Lucy Jane's Completed Lesson #3>>>See Lucy Jane's Completed Research Paper On Author & Children's Teacher Franz Cizek

LESSON #4 For Lucy Jane: PHOTO TEN DIFFERENT ART SUBJECT MATTER: Go to 10 different places around the city of Ventura. Come up with the best possible photograph that you consider to be art subject that interests you about each place. It could be ocean, landscape, animals, insects, plants, etc. (anything you want) make sure it is a good photo to use. Text all 10 photos to Music And Art For Youth.  >>>See Lucy Jane's Photos


LESSON #5 For Lucy Jane: CREATE 3 DETAILED ART WORKS FROM THE 3 FAVORITE PHOTOS: Put the 3 best photos together from the 10 photo shots you have taken. Produce 3 pieces of art using the photos for concept ideas. They do not have to be copies, but they must be ideas from the 3 pieces of favorite art. It is your choice whether you look at the photos while creating the art. The 3 works of art should be created using the following guide line:

Art Work #1: acrylic paint & brush on one 8 x 10 colored art paper of your choice

Assignment One Photo 9 Lucy photographed this... then...

Fireworks Sunset art work by Lucy Jane Lucy interpreted this art work.

Art Work #2: water paint using your hands only on one 8 x 10 colored art paper of your choice

Assignment One Photo 6 Lucy photographed this... then...

Dogie Lucy interpreted this art work.

Art Work # 3: marker pens utilizing 10 different colors on one 8 x 10 colored art paper of your choice

Assignment One Photo 8 Lucy photographed this... then...

Backwards Tree Art Work Lucy interpreted this art work.


***Lucy Jane's Art has been professionally framed by Music And Art For Youth after her evaluation. Assignment One's original deadline was Friday December 16, 2016. Art assignment date was December 2, 2016. We extended the assignment time for the student to December 18, 2016. We gave instructions to the student "not to rush the art", but to go at her own pace, and add lots of detail to the pieces to enhance the quality of all future created art works. Lucy Jane appeared in our "Christmas Day Show 2016", where her art was on exhibit for all to enjoy. She sold 3 art works in this show (first time ever in her life time). Not only did Lucy complete the 3 art works (pictured above), but she actually turned in 9 art works for this assignment. Lucy Jane is a prodigy at 12 years old, over achieving in everything that she accomplishes. She is an above average student in our scholarship program. We are very proud of Lucy Jane.

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Lucy Jane Award Winning Kid Artist

LUCY JANE STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP: This multi- art scholarship 2017 was approved unanimously by our board of directors. Lucy's interview, presentation, and art portfolio were exceptional. Many exciting activities & events are happening in the community for her. Lucy excels in the arts with outstanding support from her single parent mom, Stephanie. Lucy's curriculum is "Alternative Accelerated Education" in the cultural arts, driven by experiences around other professional artists in the community. She is meeting hundreds of new people that love her art. Lucy is developing her social & communications skills through her involvement in our shows and events. This young kid artist really thrives on the freedom, identity, and the spontaneity of our program.

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Lucy Jane's Art

Fire Flower Oils & Graphite Art by Lucy Jane

"Fire Flower"

Pheonix Mythical Oils & Graphite Art by Lucy Jane


Katsune Oils & Graphote Art by Lucy Jane


THE LUCY JANE AWARD: is visual arts painting, sketch, and graphite charcoal drawing; plus undetermined other mixed mediums, with an added supplemental exploration award for music & guitar. We help the kids determine in what areas, their efforts produce the best results, and the quickest creative growth. Congratulations to both Lucy and her mom, for this exciting new development in their lives. Three of her paintings are framed above: oils & graphite framed medium- "Fire Flower", a nature artwork, "Pheonix", and "Katsune", are two mythical paintings.